Welcome to the new version on Relax Melodies Oriental, Relax Yoga Music! Not only did we make the app ready for iOS 11, but we also improved the experience of the app, gave it a brand new zen look and added 6 sounds: Bhakti, Healing Waves, Calm Lake, Third Eye, Sea Birds and Journey. We also […]

You can set alarms and timers to create your own sound experience! Tap Menu (hamburger icon) and choose Timer. Once you’re in the section, tap the + icon to create either  a Timer or an Advanced Timer. You have several Timer settings available. You can choose to play either a pre-made ringtone or one of your Favorites if you tap Sounds, then Favorites tab. You can also set a Fade […]

If you found the perfect mix for your Yoga session, you can save it for later thanks to the Favorites! Once you selected your sounds and their individual volume, tap Favorites on the bottom-right side, then the + icon on the bottom-right corner. Give your favorite a name, tap Save, and it will be saved in your list. NOTE: you […]

There are 2 ways to change the volume of a sound: Tap Mixer in the Bottom bar to display all sounds currently playing. From there, you can adjust individual sound volumes or remove them if you tap the delete icon. Tap a sound. A volume slider will then appear on top of the screen and you can […]

You can customize your experience with the app in many different ways! For instance, you can change the sorting of sounds. The sounds are sorted by the dominant color of their icon by default, but you can sort them by their original order of appearance. You can also toggle Don’t Auto Lock on so the app will remain on screen unless […]

With the arrival of Android Oreo, several changes were made in terms of user experience, especially regarding background use limitation and battery saving features. The Android system is now automatically flagging apps using more battery than usual. We’ve had reports of devices being depleted overnight while playing sounds in the app. Our team is currently […]

We recently updated Relax Melodies and Relax Meditation on iOS and improved storage management, so the apps would take less space. Some sounds are automatically downloaded after you launch the app, and it’s possible the sounds don’t download on a few occasions. If you tap a downloadable sound and the downloading takes too long or no download starts, […]

Some community members were having issues with meditation sessions that stopped when returning to the app while they were playing in the background.We’re aware of the issue and it should be released in the next version of the app Our team is aware of the issue and we’re currently working on fixing this. The problem […]

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